Welcome to my musings…

Warning: sexy content may follow…

I just finished an email to a friend where I stated that discussing orgasms during childbirth is not TMI  for me! (And yay for you ladies who can have them and a baby too!)

I get to spend my days talking, teaching, learning and sometimes having orgasms! As a sex educator, workshop facilitator, and sales associate at some great feminist sexuality shops, it’s my job!

Yes, this is a great job to have.  I usually get to talk to people about ways to enhance their own pleasure or explore pleasure with and for their partners.   Sometimes people are new to sexual exploration and some people have done a fair bit but want to try new things.  Either way, I often say that there is always more to learn and the bodily possibilities are endless! That is the great thing about sex, a little creativity and enthusiasm go a long way.  Not to mention spending some time on it, a little or a lot, it’s up to you.

Until next time, have a safe + sexy day!