Sweet 16?

I have just confirmed a workshop for a young woman’s 16th birthday.  I am SO exited!  I was contacted by her mother about possibly topics and content that would be appropriate for these girls.  My workshop “The World at Your Fingertips: Self-Pleasure for Women” was the workshop that spawned her original email! I have been dreaming of doing a workshop like this for years…I have attempted to run a “Girl Talk” workshop for teens before but something about the fact that it woud take place in a sex shop seems to deter the parents and guardians, I wonder why?

I have spoken directly to the birthday girl and she is into it!  Then we had to compose an email to send out the girls and their parents to let them know what kind of stuff we would be talking about.  I commend this mother for taking an active step in educating her daughter and her friends.  It reinforces the fact that talking about sex does not make youth go out and do it.  They are already doing it whether we educate them about it or not.  If educators, parents, care givers, and all adults that have influence over youth start taking a more active approach and provide information, then youth can make informed choices.   What I also appreciate is that sometimes it is easier to have someone else come and do the talking…some one more distanced from the youth, this saves everyone some awkwardness and usually makes for greater participation and a more exciting workshop.

I will write about how it goes after I do the workshop in mid-March.  Maybe this will be the new birthday trend?  I remember slumber parties, movie nights, going to a comedy club, and even a roller-skating party or two from my youth.  Giving youth life skills in a fun way might one of the new options for how to spend out time and celebrate.

Sex skills are life  skills, learning about our own bodies is a life skill!  Knowing what we like and what we don’t like when it comes to sexuality is a survival skill.  Learning about how to set boundaries, negotiate, and ask for what we want is something that many of us are still  learning as adults.  Kudos to those who take a step to give youth a head start in the right direction!



I taught a G-Spot workshop tonight.  I have taught G-Spot workshops for over 6 years now and I don;t seem to get tired of it.  Tonight it was “couples”, just in time for Valentine’s Day (aw).  A room full of couples hoping to learn something new, spice things ups, and learn how to squirt (yes, like in the pornos).

One lovely gentleman commented afterward “great presentation, you must have done thins before once, twice or many times”.  So true!  I cannot even give an accurate number of total workshops.   If I guess at 4 -8 times per year, times 6 years…that is 24-48 workshops on G-Spots alone.  Not to mention discussing G-Spots as often as possible!

In case you were wondering, the ” G”  actually stands for Grafenberg, Ernst Grafenberg, a doctor who studied this spongy tissue around the urethra in the 1950’s…it was named after him by the authors of  “The G Spot” (circa 1980’s).  I like to re-name it the goody-spot, goddess-spot…or perhaps “right there” might be appropriate and the most exciting.

There were a few seasons where it seemed that G-Spots were out of style, the workshops were not filling up.  I was surprised since I knew that not every women, let alone every man, knew where this spot was and had given it a fair shake.  I am glad to see that they are back in and a room full of folks were eager to learn.   Welcome back G-Spot…I know you are here to stay, and there is always more to discover.

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