Get Your Flirt On!

What does it mean to flirt?  How do we do it?  It seems to be one of those things that you know what it is when it is happening but very difficult to describe.  This was my task at my first ever Flirtation Workshop last night.  A group of eight women wanted to know all there was to know about flirting, and more!  I called the workshop Get your flirt on! An experiential approach to the fun, sexy, exciting world of flirting! I wanted to provide an opportunity for the participants to discover for themselves what flirting is and how they do it.  A few things I discovered when developing the workshop and through observing last night: there are many elements to making a great flirt AND we also need  to know how to respond too.  It’s like compliments, which can be part of flirting – some of us find them easier to give than receive, or we immediately feel uncomfortable when we get a compliment and want to give one back, or dissect and discredit the one that was given to us. There were moments when it seemed like we were discussing social norms and how to navigate around them. What makes someone attractive?  How do you know when you want to interact with someone and what makes you worth interacting with?  For starters, a positive outlook, cleanliness and playfulness go a long way.  We talked about how this might play out for people who find themselves on the shy side…and perhaps we can all be shy sometimes?  There are ways to work your shyness and be coy and just have fun.  The main thing to remember with flirting is that it is just that, fun!  Flirting with someone is like a little gift or compliment, it makes them feel good and makes you feel good too.  It can elevate your mood, get you out of a rut and make the world around us seem a little more friendly.  We get so worried about sexual innuendo that we think we cannot even start.  How about “Hello”?
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