You, me and the vulva puppet!

Yes, Vulva Puppet ! That is what I said. How does that sound? ludicrous? impossible? unlikely? or common? And perhaps the word Vulva is in question: Historically and medically this term has been used to define the outside genital structures of a women, clitoris, hood, labia and openings. Over the last several years it has been more commonly used as a term for women’s genitals in their entirety. Sounds better than “genitals” doesn’t it? We could use other terms such as “down there”, yoni, pom-pom, poonani, and recently I heard hoo-hoo. Regardless we could all use a little more understanding of what the parts are, how they are interconnected and most of all, how to have fun with them! I have been teaching workshops lately where my handy dandy Vulva Puppet is the main feature and tool to help women and men understand more about women’s bodies and sexy bits.

The puppet is made of hand-sewn velvet and silk…and has a g-spot too! Something about the puppet that causes surprise, discomfort, laughter and questions. Perhaps we do not see enough visuals of female genitalia that exhibits taste and style?

What if we all had the chance to slip a hand into a puppet such as this and spend some quality time getting to know all of the structures, feeling, exploring, and relating it to our own bodily experiences?

For the puppets:

what is a vulva: