How to buy a sex toy… part 1

Recently, a friend asked if they could give someone my contact as they knew a young woman who was interested in exploring her sexuality on her own with toys. I was excited by this, as usual, since I love talking about sex, I love sex toys, and I think it’s great for all women to explore their sexuality on their own terms.

Here, for the most part, is the content of that email, including links to toys, sex shop sites, and lots of advice.  A great bunch of info for anyone doing some toy shopping. Enjoy!

Toys are a great way to explore your sexuality on your own - while single or in relationship.

The broad selection of toys can be overwhelming.  To start, I usually recommend considering a few questions:

1) what do you want to do with it? internal /external, maybe both? do you want it to vibrate?

  • I usually recommend a vibrator for first toys, usually pretty fun and if you don’t like the vibe part, and it’ got some length/versatility, you can just use it for penetration.
 2) cost – how much do you want to invest, considering materials, batteries/rechargeable/cost of batteries
3) power – for vibrators, do you find you want something that had the potential of lots of power? or are you easily orgasmic and rather minimal power
4) Materials – some are better quality than others
5) Is sound/noise a factor? Most toys are quiet but depending on your housing situation/ roommates/family, this may make a difference
6) Appearance – what you pick should look cute/sexy/fun to you (no matter how great it is supposed to be) – then perhaps you can also choose the colour.

Where do you live? If you are in a city  most have a decent sex shop, and if you are lucky, they might have a women-oriented shop.

Here are a few great places to look around. Most will ship internationally.

For my Canadians: Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax have good women-oriented sex shops. Most also offer online ordering so you don’ t have to leave the house. Although, a hands-on experience when they have demos of the toys displayed is really helpful when you are starting out. – Toronto / – Toronto – Ottawa /Halifax

And in the US:

These are also great places to look for sex advice, tips, blogs, and new toys.

For specific toys recommendations (going back to the questions above):

I would suggest checking out the selection at and specifically the links below. Most sites listed will have the same toys or similar ones.

My top suggestions for starter toys are the toys that go by the names:

  •  Moxie- versatile, little, great material, good value for the money,
  • Ocean Rechargeable – similar to moxie but slightly more curve, “dual action”, rechargeable (no batteries,
  • Power Bullet G – versatile, high vibration, curved for g-spot, inexpensive,
  •  Galan Silicone Vibe – if you want more length,

These are just a few suggestions to get you started. Have a look around the site and read the descriptions.
You may not purchase for Good For Her, and that is fine, but I think there selection and site is pretty good. (unfortunately, their “buying a vibe” page is out of date – I just sent them and email and they in the midst of updating).

Seeking a toy review? Further suggestions. Please leave comments below.

Hope you enjoy your journey in toy land.