It’s about time…

… “spring cleaning”? what about fall cleaning? That seems to be my time to get things in shape, including a blog update ;-).

It’s already October and workshops are coming up, conferences are happening, new classes, new clients and lots to keep me busy.  It’s hard to find time to muse about sex sometimes. I have been musing about intimacy, and how this does or doesn’t come into play within our sex lives.  Single or partnered, or multi-partnered, intimacy seems to be something we crave, avoid, get awkward about or we just don’t know what to do about it.  What I do notice in my work is that most people want it, even when it makes them uncomfortable.

What kind of sex are you having? what kind of relationships? Are you fulfilled? Satisfied?  That is a lot of questions… and yet, there are no easy answers.  And I propose that there isn’t really an answer but an opportunity to experience in every moment.  Notice what you are feeling right now.  I know it may sound cheesy or silly, or self-indulgent, but really, check out what are you aware of about yourself, your sexuality, your relationships.

And muse a little longer, stay curious about what is going on…

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